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Somerville Arts & Crafts Fair June 22nd

On Sunday, June 22 downtown Main Street will be turned into an open air gallery of fine artists and crafters from the tri-state area.  Over 150 exhibitors will line the streets displaying and selling their original hand created work.

Somerville’s 1st Arts and Crafts Festival will be open from 10AM-5PM.  This event is a juried and will feature artisans displaying and selling their original handmade works such as oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, sculpture, photography, pottery, jewelry, decorative fiber works, metal works, paper, stone, and so much more.

This festival will also offer open air dining at the fabulous local eateries as well as the many gourmet food vendors selling along the festival site… so come hungry! A live concert will showcase jazz, acoustic, oldies and more.

There will be demonstrations from some of the exhibitors as well as a FREE “hands on” craft tent for the kids. Sorry no rides at this event kids. As you stroll through Downtown Somerville, NJ along with the original works of very talented artisans you will enjoy the backdrop of the wide variety of specialty retailers and unique shops that you just won’t see anywhere else. JC believes that this upscale area will be perfect for our arts & crafts marketplace.

So please join us for this new event…we know you’ll enjoy it!

For more information please call JC Promotions, Inc. 201.998.6311 or events@jcpromotions.info
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Somerville Vendor Application | Somerville_Artist_Crafter_App

Silver Lining Action Plan SLAP’s DSA

Jan. 30, 2013- Entrepreneur & Small Business growth expert Carissa Reiniger recommends the Somerville Downtown Alliance apply her method to their organization.

What she is saying as applied to the DSA is: if it does not benefit their ideal client ie. the business owners then why spend the money?

Last night the expert gave her SLAP program seminar provided by NJDCA’s Main Street New Jersey & Improvement District Programs presented by the DSA.
The very good seminar gave a fresh new way to approach “growing your business and maximizing your money”. Basically she shows a business owner how to focus, prioritize and organize themselves for maximize profitability.